Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thankful for all the great men in my life

First and foremost I am so grateful for the grandparents, dad, brother, cousins, men who love my friends, and special friends in my life. Today for some reason it hit me pretty hard how blessed I am. I might have them on a pedestal but I'm grateful for the way they have stood up to responsibility and calling God has asked of them. Maybe this is what has lead me to this prayer:


"I am so thankful to you for the legacy of men you have placed in my life. Firstly, my Pawpaw and Poppy. Thank you for grandfathers that have set such a Godly example. Men that loved their families and provided life and strength to their children.

Thank you for my dad, who is one of kind. Thank you for the example of someone so virtuous, compassionate, loving and strong that set before me a path of independence and confidence. A father that always believed in me even if he doesn't always understand me. lol

Thank you God for the brother you gave me. When I see him with his sons I just feel so blessed to have someone who puts You first in his life. Who loves his wife and sons more than himself, and lives with such integrity and purpose. Someone who has willingly walked me through fun and dark times. Who is my best friend!

And thank you Lord for the men that love my friends so completely. That have risen to the occasion of loving, providing and protecting their families. Men whom I trust my friends hearts with because they are determined to live for you.

Lastly, thank you for my cousins and dear friends that have not only loved me through many things, but have been such encouragement to me. Men that have sent such special words and verses to help me through the pain and loneliness. Men that might not be fathers yet, but will one day be given the opportunity to love their own wives and children..and whom I know will rise to the responsibility and calling. Thank you for the friends that have become so important to me because they have shown me hope and the possibility of a new life."

I'm just so grateful!

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