Friday, June 17, 2011

Chinese chicken soup

Day Four:

      When I was in China, years back, I was invited over for dinner at the friend's house of my host home. The most amazing aroma welcomed me as I entered their living room. Chinese chicken soup was served! This was not just any chicken soup, it was THE chicken soup recipe that my new friend's family had passed down from her grandmother who got it from her mother, and so on. Not sure what your experience has been with the Chinese culture and their belief in holistic medicine and living, but I have a deep appreciate for a culture that utilizes the same methods, recipes and herbs for generations.

    Once I was served I was told to eat as much as I could because it would "make you beautiful and happy." My new friend touched her face and then heart as she spoke these words. She said them with such conviction and understanding I wanted to eat the entire bowl and beg for seconds. And then, you know what happened?  Not sure about the beauty results, but I enjoyed my evening immensely, even after partaking in the consummation of a 1 year old rotten goose's egg (apparently a rare treat).

    Recently I remembered this experience and thought, "well lets make some soup." You know what? It has made me smile many times over today. I can definitely blame it on a psychosomatic reaction, BUT at the end of the day...I believe Chinese Chicken soup is good for the soul. There's such a comfort in things that are familiar yet different. A soothing effect in soups that bring back good memories and experiences. And if Chinese Chicken soup can make me smile in some of darkest days I've experienced yet...well...let's eat soup! And in the end this reminded me to allow little things back into my life that promote life and healing even if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to my westernized mind. :)

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