Saturday, June 18, 2011

My new job

Day Five:

I have found a new job...well not actually a new job, but I've decided that I am now the poster child for premartial counseling. After thinking back and trying to figure out where everything went wrong I realize I should have stuck to my guns about premartial counseling. My husband, for whatever reason, was adamantly opposed to it. ADAMANTLY! How, oh how did I let that go? How did I ever justify that to myself?

Believe me I understand that premartial counseling doesn't guarantee a happy marriage, but it sure would have helped to see the signs. Guess it would have been good to pay attention to the lack of willingness and accountability. Ugh, I'm not blameless by any stretch of the imagination, but why would you not want to establish a strong foundation? Then why, when things are going bad, would you not want to fight for peace and health?

Anywho....point made. I'm the new face of premartial counseling.

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