Friday, January 27, 2012

So my uncle says...

My Uncle and I have been reading this incredible book. It's an out of the box, not easily read (if lazy) type of read. From this book (and ultimate challenge from the message of the book) my Uncle has started to challenge me to write a book about my experiences, about those I am passionate about. He thinks there are things i can communicate and give out of my experience and (definitely) with the age range I work with. But here's the dilemma....what would I say? What in the world would I say?

The Way of Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman (the book we're reading) is one of the most extraordinary works of fiction/non-fiction?)...that not only challenges our intellect but our pursues of passions and interest. It will tweak your brain in a way that is unexplainable and beyond words.

In recent days I have felt this weird understanding that I'm called to something bigger then myself. It's not a expectation or even a's an internal passion that has ultimately drawn out the deepest parts of me (hope that doesn't sound weird). It's not beyond my current teens or counseling...but what I mean is....a couple of my girls (from the past) have sought me out..and through those conversations...i have wondered....WHY ME? Of course that thought doesn't happen to much...but I do think after....why do they trust me? Why am I accessible to them? Why I am seen as worthy of wisdom and confrontation? What can I say that helps them move to the next step?

What would I say? What would the advice, the wisdom (lol?) be?

Here's what the question had done for me. It's help me isolate what I am passionate about. What I am wanting for the young people of this era. The young women (and men) i see sitting in front of me everyday.

If I could say anything to would be STOP IT! STOP all this foolishness...all this fanatical belief in lives that aren't real or worthy. Stop selling yourselves short of ultimate fulfilment! STOP doubting your importance. The part you that might deliver you children out of slavery.. STOP doubting the essence of God in YOU! The BOLDNESS in you. Stop thinking 10lbs is the breaking point of kind of weird attractiveness (scale) decision...what the hell does 10lbs have to do with anyting. Stop thinking the voice of reasoning is just some weird conscious tweak.

Then after all that....I think...where am I ...I know I'm in place of calling the young people in this generation to rise up..but I know there must be more. there MUST be the young and old, the female and male, that require our young people to live to a different standard....

here's what I know beyond doubt...i have PLENTY of young people...that are disrespectful, spout off, and do things "there way"...yet...u know what's interesting...they are committed to my office, they are committed to my boundaries and consequences. I have one young one that fights everyone else in her life...but still continues to schedule a time a with me. AND I have those that say...I just want my parents to be my parents. What does that say?

I would also say...The love of imperfection is the clue to freedom. we are all imperfect and the sooner we realize and accept that the better. And I think for those of us that can identify loss, imperfection, distraction, and grief....and own not only how those things changed us but moved AND deepen us forever...that we have responsibility that is beyond what is contractual...we're beyond requirement of replication....God has called us to change and encourage TRANSFORMATION! What does that all mean?