Friday, August 5, 2011

Ever seen "Country Strong"

Day 51

   Have you ever seen the movie "Country Strong?" Wow! I saw it in a class setting so it was extremely difficult for me not to fully express myself...which was uncontrollable crying. What a sad, but powerful movie. I think the theme that stuck out to me the most was the lack of caring and empathy on the part of the husband towards Kelly. The other was how she lost herself to this life that didn't care about her but only what she could produce and offer. Then her husband and other business associates acted shocked when she became an alcoholic and started to sleep with everyone in sight....looking for a reprieve or a moment of escape and acceptance.
     Believe you me....she was a grown adult...who should have looked to healthier avenues for comfort...but I sympathized with her journey. How can people to claim to love her abandon her when she needed them most? And then when they return after she's gone through, what they preceive as, the hardest part they start to try to understand her struggles. When is it ever okay for that to happen? But then I think....maybe they couldn't handle it. When things are good..they are good...and when things are's when you find out who your real friends are...who really cares about your life.
      I am so grateful for my friends. I'm grateful that even through poor decisions, bad mistakes or unlikely circumstances my friends have prayed, stood and crawled with me. My best friend reminded me today that I can lean on my friend's faith, my friends prayers, my friends love to carry me. And when I watched "Country Strong" I think that is what made me the most sad. The most devoted person in Kelly's life was the long term affair. Someone who saw through the fame and glamour and witnessed the the torn, broken person underneath. Saw the talented, lovely woman that needed acceptance and redemption...and at the end of the day...someone who could stand by her side and guide her when she couldn't see for herself. Lord, thank you for allowing friends like that in my life. Those that can see for me when I can't. Those that will remind me who I am when I need to be reminded.

My Survival Plan

Read my Bible - haven't today, but I will

Worship - nope....but I will

Work out - not today

Do something for someone else - bought brunch for a new friend

Do something for myself - stay in on date night

Eat well - well...I haven't cooked but I had an amazing breakfast sandwich

Emotional state: confused

High point: realized I am soooooo blessed to have two best friends and a mom that are there for me when I really need them

Low point: turned down a date

Tip of the day:  dior iconic black mascara is amazing!!!

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