Monday, August 29, 2011

Holy Spirit..old school style

     I had an incredible encounter with God last night. The kind that left me electrified to point I was trembling and overwhelmed with emotion. It was a night like the old revivals without the sawdust floors and open air tents. The kinds of services where children and adults alike laugh, bawl, and fall out under the move of God. It was amazing! And I realize I miss that…I miss the power of
God, and even more I miss that feeling of deep satisfaction after experiencing the Holy Spirit. The experience that compels you to look any skeptic in the eye and boldly said, “I don’t care what you call it. The Holy Spirit is real and alive.”
     Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate the way the church has sought balance and seeker friendly services. I like how now we can wear jeans to Sunday services and take coffee INTO the auditorium. And I love how we have welcomed, more and more, the unlovely, the broken and even the hated into our church families. I feel these are vast improvements and have helped cultivate more real and safe environments….but what’s the balance? Have we sacrificed one only to create an imbalance in another?
     I can tell you one thing: it took only one encounter, one moment, one touch from God and His power to remind me that I miss the Holy Spirit. Not the chills, the crazy reactions or powerful winds…..the Holy Spirit - His comfort, His peace and His counsel. Have we really become so turned off or intimidated by the workings of the Holy Spirit that we ask Him to sit on the back row and only come  when He absolutely has to? Well, again I will say it, I miss Him…and I feel compelled to say we will need the Holy Spirit more in the coming days.
    The Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity that reveals the voice and purpose of God. It’s the Holy Spirit that counsels, leads and convicts us of God’s heart and spirit. And yes, He even gets us closer to God through tangible experiences and manifestations. And I’m sorry but what’s intimidating about that? Have we…or let me take it home….have I become on independent that I can no longer understand the remarkable gift that is the Holy Spirit? Have I become so selfish and intoxicated with this world that no longer require God’s help, instruction or conviction? Have I become so preoccupied with being a creator that I forget I’m the creation?

Survival Plan

Read my Bible - Psalms 27

Worship - yes
 Work out - nope....just my ears

Do something for someone else - had a send off for a sweet client

Do something for myself - was able to spend time with a friend

Eat well - ummmm....I think so....wait maybe

Emotional state: content

High point: bought MAC makeup and had lunch with Amy

Low point: discover my puppy had chewed up two of my blinds

Tip of the day:  what we focus on becomes our reality

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