Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friends For A Season, Friends for A Reason

Day...oh who knows these days!

    A friend once told me "some friends are there for a reason and some are there for a season." Weirdly enough this was a friend that I'm no longer close to, but the truth still sticks...and I thought a lot about it today. I feel blessed, because I've spent the day (in class) and dinner laughing and talking with new friends....friends that could be both.
    During the day, I discovered I sat next to Elvis Presley's pastor's son. lol (Try that five times fast.) He's a man well into his 60's that has quite a few interesting stories. Then I had dinner with three new friends, one is which is from China. We had amazing laughs about her adventures in America and mine in China. Such awesome belly laughs and deep, thoughtful moments in both cases. And I couldn't help but think....I'm grateful for friends that are "sometimes just for a season....and who knows the reason"
    Honestly, I know that I would not have been able to make it through this without the "friends for a reason." They are the ones that look me in the eyes and tell me the truth and still love me...because they know me and want the best for me and my future. They take my midnight calls and listen to my roller coaster days. I know their daily struggles and the confessions that need grace and understanding. They are my God reason (many times) for remembering that I was put on this earth to love and live for others.'s the friends for the season...that help for all the times in between....almost like anethestic or rather electro shock for who God wants me to be. I can even apply this to my clients (I hate calling them this by the's why you'll hear me refer to them as my girls, or teens, or kids).
     I've seen some clients for a while...and they are constant reminders and encouragement. Then there are those clients that are like flashes in the pan. They don't last long, but for some reason or other they remind me to stay sharp, close to the Holy Spirit, and current. They are quick and lively, not always leaving happy or "fixed," but marked (for both of us) nonetheless. And each experience...even if I don't always recall everything it pushed me to be better, want better and know better. Toknow there is higher, deeper, wider places to venture.
     So my recent "friends for a season," meaning those that i know are only there for the duration of my class or stint of their internship..I'm reminded...the world is an interesting, diverse, deep and colorful place. I'm reminded God really is in control (I mean how many people sit next to someone that actually knew Elvis Presley). And sometimes, I think, only to remind me that the world is a big place..and destiny can occur in the most unlikely places. AND destiny doesn't have to mean a destination it can be a moment, a memorial that moves us forward...sparking the memory of how God can do anything, at anytime, through anyone.
My Survival Plan

Read my Bible - Psalms 34 and 37

"In the day when I cried out,m YOU answered me, and made me bold with strenght in my soul." Psalms 138:3

Worship - ugh i wish I have

Work out - nope....although my brain is fried

Do something for someone else - paid for dinner for a friend

Do something for myself - took a class to expand my horizones


Emotional state: happy

High point: laughed, laughed from my belly

Low point: reality, reality, reality

Tip of the day:  mystery is magic

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