Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beautiful People

Ever been around one of those people that is so beautiful, so lovely you "have" to be next to them? I'm not referring to the supermodels of the world...I'm talking about the individuals that are beautiful from a deeper place. The ones that have such a rich sense of life and depth of faith that you must know them. You must befriend them. You need to know their secret, what they have learned in life. The ones we would willingly buy their knowledge but are just honored they find us worthy of the 30 minutes or even seconds that they bestow their wisdom and attention on us...yet somehow there's not even an ounce of entitlement or superiority.

Well I've met a few of them recently...and I've learned from their stories....that all of them have come out of deep brokenness-addiction, abusive relationships, tragic loss and/or divorce. All of them have not only survived their past but weathered the storms well. They felt the brokenness of rejection, loneliness, disappointment and pain. What I've heard though is most reached out, became vulnerable, sought God and cried themselves to sleep at night. It's true!...and this isn't a pretty picture...this isn't the quick pill of healing I'd love to some how invent but when I'm in their presence all I can think is....I want to know what you know. I want to have what you have. I want to be like YOU! And although I still want to run and hide from my situation..if I can become more like a diamond in the rough and less like a lump of coal...well then it's encouraging to push through the pain and muck.

Don't get me wrong...none of this makes my situation easier...but it does give me a shot of truth serum of sorts. Although the pain is more than i think I can handle at times...maybe one day....I'll be the type of beauty that inspires healing and hope. Healing for those whose hearts are broken beyond expression and hope for a future that can't be yet seen. Can I be that for someone? I don't know...but I guess....I guess I can lean on their experiences to find hope and faith for the future.

Cheers! here's to taking the road less taken....


  1. Reminds me of what Paul tell the Corinthian church in 2 Corinthians 1. Good stuff. He is doing a good work in you, Brooke. It is neither painless nor easy, but He IS faithful, and He WILL do it.

  2. Agreed. God is doing a great work in you. Trust in HIM completely and follow HIS leading. It is only in HIM that true beauty lies. Love you, friend!

  3. I have a secret to tell you. Brooklyn, you are totally one of those people for me. You are full of so much wisdom and unconditional love it's unbelieveable. You are beautiful inside and out. How I cherish my memories of us laughing uncontrollably. And how I miss the times I would hear God speak through you to me. I love you friend. You have know idea how your blog has impacted me. Here I am getting treatment for Anorexia, yet again, and I can't quiet my mind at 3:30am. Somehow, I stumble upon this blog and just begin to read. Before I know it tears are streaming down my cheeks and I can't help but feel that God is next to me. It's been a while since I've felt His touch. But He is next to me tonight. Thank you for your honesty and your willingness to let God speak through you. Your heart is pure and your insight is encouraging in my unique place of recovery.