Friday, September 16, 2011

Cold weather and crazies

    I really think cold weather brings out the crazies. Yesterday it was cold and drizzly (today it's cooler and the sun is starting to set earlier). Not sure what it's like in your neck of the woods, but for some reason in Colorado people act as though they've never seen rain...much less cold weather. And I live in ski country. i get the whole hunkering down and hibernating, but acting as though the world is coming to an end...IDK

 Here's what I noticed....

   People were cutting each other off on the highway while others were driving almost 20 miles under the speed limit, and I found myself getting angry. Angry at all the guys using the highway as a drag race. Angry at the women driving like turtles as though they could skid off the road any second. Angry at the bullies in sup upped trucks trying to push everyone out of the way. And seriously angry at the young person tailing me (and I'm going over the speed limit)...."Hey 12 year old do you want your parents to pay for my next car?" lol

    Then I checked myself...what's the deal? Why am i getting so weirded out. Well....I'm afraid. I'm afraid others don't care about what happens to me (or anyone else around me) they only care about themselves right now. They are more interested in their safety then in mine. Then I thought....what if they are afraid too? What if they are freaking out about everyone else freaking out and it's causing all this stupidity. Wouldn't that apply to so many areas in our lives.

    We understand the circumstances around us, but we don't trust anyone else to understand them. So we do things our way...we do things that keep us safe...but it's an illusion of safety. Because speeding down the highway...or cutting people off....or driving so slow it causes others to slam on their not safe either. Maybe if in times of fear we act so selfishly that it puts off a vibe that creates panic and fear in others. Ever been around one of those people that are calm during crisis? Their very presence allows us to believe things will be okay. So on the other side of the fence....are you someone that instigates fear or do you encourage peace in others? Do you put people as ease or are you just a stress ball that feeds freakishness. OH, and FYI...have you ever seen a passive driver on the highway during a! Passivity or a severe case of laid backness doesn't normally have it's way on the highway....does it?!?


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